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Walk Like a Tibetan

You knew, of course, the we would go for Tibetan costume, and after Dali and Lijiang, Huang knew it, too. So he had already scoped out a spot for dress-up in the town of Zhongdian, and made it our first post-monastery stop. "There it is! There it is!" the girls shrieked as our van cruised the main street. Bursting with colorful clothing, we knew we had found our personal Shangri-la.

Tons of colors! Tons of fabrics! Which to choose?
Sami was thrilled to see leopard fur - one of her favorite "big cats" - and relieved to discover that it was fake! Note: no endangered species were harmed in these stunts....
Tom has fond memories of some Tibetan hats he bought on a trip to Lhasa in 1987, since lost. Would he find a replacement?
Huang models the male version of this traditional hat...
...while Sami checks out the female kind. Both look cool and are extremely warm!
Would you like a yak with that hat, miss?
Miranda went for the real Shangri-la look, like the costumes we saw in Lost Horizon.
The ornate hairpieces make the outfits!
What about this one? The multi-colored apron is very traditional.
Sami is set for a Himalayan trek!
This headpiece reminded us what Sami used to look like with long hair.
Of course Tom and I had to get into the act, so the proprietor rustled up some costumes for us, too.
Quiet on the set! We're ready for our Tibetan close-up. The girls ended up taking these costumes home, including the wigs - all ready for Lost Horizon theme night!
We couldn't have imagined this moment when we got married 15 years ago!
Not this one, either....

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