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Up, Up and Away...
And Down, Down in the Drink!

When we first visited Bali in 1987, we hitched ourselves to a parachute and a powerboat for a parasail ride high above Bali. We loved it and were looking forward to another turn. Would the girls be bold enough to try it?

Yes, no, maybe, yes, oh, wait, no, okay, fine, if YOU do it, I will, too….

Sharon showed the way, suiting up on Sanur Beach while Sami and Miranda watched apprehensively.

In just a few seconds, Sharon was swept high into the air and out to sea – fortunately attached to a speedboat. Tom rode in the boat to capture it all on film, including her safe landing.

Once they saw Sharon safe on the sand, the girls were pumped to go up themselves. They were at first a bit indignant, but then kind of relieved, when one of the handlers suited up along with them for a tandem ride – tugging the landing ropes at just the right moment with sufficient strength is a little tricky for grown-ups, so it made sense for one of the guys to go with them.

Sami stepped up first, and was soon high in the air over the ocean.


As soon as she landed and got unbuckled, she asked when she could do it again!

Miranda also sailed up smoothly and landed as light as a feather.


Let’s do it again!

But Mom’s not the only one with a thrill up the sleeve of her surfer shirt.

Dad’s about to take his daughters riding on their first-ever jet ski!

Everybody looked excited, and the driver didn’t disappoint, zooming around at daredevil speeds.

It all looked so easy, until a sharp turn went haywire and everyone ended up in the water!

The girls insisted on being brought back to shore to regroup, while Tom got right back on that chariot and kept the momentum going.
His excitement was contagious and in a minute or two the girls were swimming back out to join him for a few more super-fast laps before time ran out on the ride.

Next: Enough extreme sports. Time for a cremation.


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