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All Kinds of Kites

The Festival featured thousands of kites -- from tiny to gargantuan, of every shape and style. We had fun roaming around the field looking at the various entries. All were hand-made, collectively representing thousands of hours of loving care. Most of the time we snapped photos when the kites were on the ground, since they were hard to see when launched. The side benefit, of course, was that we could also capture a glimpse of their proud owners!

Rather than provide detailed commentary on each one, I thought it would be more fun (and more true to our experience that day) if I just let you scroll through the best of the images we captured that day:

As you can see, there were kites for every taste and budget. Who knew kites could come in so many variations??

After a while, we started to suffer from kite-overdose. Luckily, there were plenty of interesting vendors around to distract us. Click here to learn more...



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