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A Tip-Top Toy

After the jade shop visit, we strolled up the street toward a restaurant Gul knew. On the way, we ran into (literally) a group of boys playing with hand-carved wooden tops that they whipped around with strings attached to bamboo sticks.

To the girls’ embarrassment, Tom asked if he could try one himself.
Like most things kids do, it turned out to be trickier than it looked, and the boys could barely contain their laughter at Tom’s attempts.
Gul stepped in to demonstrate the key winding technique, and then Miranda took a turn. She and Tom were so captivated by the top that Tom offered to buy one from one of the boys.

Gul brokered the deal, which cost all of 50 cents, and we also requested a photo of the whole gang as partial payment:

Before we left Khotan, Sami and Miranda had more or less mastered the top.

Tom is still trying!

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