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Welcome to the Melcher-Ruwart family web site

We moved from Palo Alto, California to Beijing in July 2004 to pick up on Tom and Sharon's long-standing interest in China, and to introduce the country, culture and language to our daughters Miranda and Sami.

Tom and Sharon actually met while living in China in 1985, dated there, and have always meant to go back "someday." And in late 2003, we realized that "someday" was fast approaching! So we moved.

We hope you have fun exploring this web site. You can easily email Tom, Sharon, Miranda, or Sami, or contact us in other ways.

Shangri-La/Zhongdian, China May 2005

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Latest news

  As of February 22, 2006:
Hot off the Powerpoint press: How Big is Beijing?
At long last, an update to our Work page
  As of August 19, 2005:
Months in the making, our Yunnan travelogue is finally ready!
  As of June 1, 2005:
Check out our visit to a famous Chinese hospital
Check out our April trip to the Weifang Kite Festival
  As of Feburary 25, 2005:
Sami creates her first-ever web site
  As of Feburary 13, 2005:
Our dreams of the ice festival in Harbin come true
We learn how to make some nifty noodles
  As of Feburary 6, 2005:
Our amazing holiday trip to Bali
  As of January 21, 2005:
News Flash! We're buying a house
  As of January 7, 2005:
Two cute fashion models
  As of December 20, 2004:
Our adventures in Xinjiang
  As of October 17, 2004:
Join in the fun of karaoke at Party World
See how Miranda celebrated her 10th birthday
  As of October 13, 2004:
We survived the first month of school! Listen to Miranda and Sami talk about it
  As of September 28, 2004:
We all survived the First Day of School
We've had fun documenting parts of our everyday life: Scootering and The Pool
We finally posted out photos of our trip to Plum Island
  As of August 30, 2004:
Major redesign of this website. Check out all the new sections and information by using the links at the top and bottom of each page.
Miranda had a wonderful birthday on August 22 that started by waking up in a farmer's home in a Ming-era village, continued with a surprise birthday cake in between lessons at the dance studio, and ended with the incredible "World of Dogs".


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